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Taiwanese pushback… (GZERO, Sep 1, 2022)

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Hard Numbers: Taiwanese pushback, Kosovo license plates, Indian aircraft carrier, Japan’s war on…
Taiwan shot down Thursday for the first time a suspected Chinese drone.
ian bremmer@ianbremmer
Taiwan claps back at China’s military flexing, shoots down suspected chinese drone buzzing one of its islets #hardnumbers @gzeromedia 1:34 a. m. · 5 sept. 2022



Gideon Rachman

Gideon talks to Chinese-American academic Minxin Pei about China’s reaction to US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan. What does it tell us about Xi Jinping’s leadership as he bids for a third term as president? FT, Aug 18, 2022



Taiwan shoots down suspected Chinese drone for first time


Taiwan shot down a drone over one of its outlying islands for the first time on Thursday, as Taipei begins to respond more forcefully to a sustained Chinese military pressure campaign.

The Taiwanese army said an unidentified commercial drone equipped with cameras intruded into restricted airspace over the waters around Shihyu, a Taiwan-controlled islet less than 4km from Chinese territory.

“After warnings and attempts to expel it remained without effect, [soldiers in] the garrison brought it down with defensive shots,” said the army command on the island of Kinmen, which is about 20km from the Chinese city of Xiamen.

Taiwan’s defence ministry declined to say whether the uncrewed aerial vehicle was Chinese, but the incident followed a series of similar intrusions by civilian-use drone models into Kinmen airspace over the past two weeks, all of which left in the direction of Xiamen. On Tuesday, Taipei said it had fired shots at one such drone to expel it.



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